Recently named one of Minnesota’s best places to start a business, the Fairmont Area offers unique opportunities to entrepreneurs and established professionals.



During 2015, Fairmont’s Economic Development Authority assisted numerous businesses by providing educational materials, direct support and financial assistance. As a result, approximately 194 jobs were retained, 31 jobs will be created and approximately $7,750,000 in private investment was encouraged. Fairmont is excited to be a partner in all of the projects and wishes to congratulate the businesses on their growth!

Although FEDA assisted a number of businesses with their growth in 2015, there were also many projects that did not receive incentives. According to our building permits, new commercial construction is valued at $11M and business additions or remodels total $2,275,000.



We are a membership based non-profit organization working to strengthen the long-term vitality of our members and regional community. The membership is made up of large, medium, and small businesses within the region interested in prospering and creating a healthy positive environment in which to conduct business.

We provide opportunities for our members to develop economically through a variety of programs that promote members, provide name recognition, and help you and your business prosper.

Most importantly, the Chamber of Commerce consists of successful PEOPLE. People who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what none of us can do individually. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of members, creating a pool of resources from which ideas and energy can be drawn.


The Martin County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) partners with the Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation (RCEF) to provide one-on-one free and confidential business consulting, training, and mentorship to individuals, start-ups, and established business across many industries in Martin County through a business facilitation program called IGNITE. They exist to Inspire, Grow, and Nurture Innovative Talent through Empowerment. IGNITE has a large network of resources to connect entrepreneurs and business owners with the right people at the right time to move their project forward. MCEDA supports and assists the communities and townships in Martin County with their economic development efforts.