Parks in Martin County, Minnesota

There are over 230 acres of County park land in Martin County. Each park has its own unique characteristics. There are well-developed parks: Perch Lake Park and Cedar Hanson Park; small parks: Klessig Park and Wolter Park; and parks which are natural and primitive: Bright Lake Park and Timberlane Park. All of the parks are adjacent to a lake.

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Fairmont, Minnesota is home to a very extensive park and trail system. There are miles of scenic recreation trails, paved trails, off-road trails, paths through the wooded areas of our numerous parks, and walkways along our tranquil lakes.

Our park system features nearly 400 beautiful acres of parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, green spaces, flower gardens, and disc golf. During the winter months, the parks grounds offer areas for sledding, ice skating, and snow skiing.

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