Project Objectives

The complete build-out of the website will host videos, photos and testimonials that let viewers experience the quality of life that Martin County communities offer.

Media will feature our parks, lakes, walking/biking/snowmobile trails, amenities, activities and recreation.

Social media platforms will be utilized heavily-Social media platforms will be in place offering the local experience to online viewers using videos, testimonials, photos, engaging posts, surveys and contests.

The project’s web presence will attract young savvy web users to engage and those results are easy to track through site analytics and social insights (Sponsored posts can be extremely effective and are an economical way to reach specific targets.)

A direct mail strategy will be in place to reach alumni. We’ll continue to work with the schools to send direct mail to former students because it has proven itself effective in past efforts and we will implement cross promotion that refers to social content and website.

Within the 18-month grant period, we expect individual testimonials and stories about successful returns to the area that will be used to attract others to join our rural communities.

Posted on: September 12, 2017admin