Project Overview

Our project is based on the works of University of Minnesota Research Fellow, Benjamin Winchester whose “Brain Gain” concept points out professionals from 30-49 look for quality of life when considering where they want to live.

The Fairmont project was the initiative of the City of Fairmont Economic Development Authority and local stakeholders who were inspired by a U of M Brain Gain presentation in 2012.

The effort gained strength in the fall of 2014 when Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation funded $32,900 in grant money. Matched funds came from America’s Best Communities funding, local businesses and in-kind products and services.

Five influencers were the result of U of M surveys:

  • Safe Community
  • Affordability
  • Quality Schools
  • Health Care Options
  • Recreational Amenities

We decided to address three focuses:

Online presence

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Local amenities
  • Social Media
  • Consistent posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • YouTube Channel
  • Advertising with specific targets-geographical location, age, pertinent interests
  • Flickr Gallery
  • Video Testimonial Campaign
  • Billboard Campaign
  • Community overview video

Reaching visitors in our community

  • Welcome Bag
  • Marketing to Alumni
  • Consistent posts on Facebook and Twitter

Paid Holiday Campaigns with local vinyl banners lake shores, restaurants, liquor store

Assisting Newcomers to become integrated

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