Conservation & Ag

Protecting our Natural Resources

With our regional parks, lakes, agriculture and wildlife areas, we have a responsibility to take care of the natural resources in our area. Local non-profits work to not only protect these natural resources, but work to educate others about the fascinating environment in which we live. If you love our lakes, consider joining Fairmont Lakes Foundation or volunteer for their lake cleanup days. Becoming a member of the conservation club, Pheasants Forever or Ducks Unlimited is a fun way to learn more about our area habitats and how to protect them while enjoying outdoor sport, such as hunting and fishing.

Celebrating Regional Agriculture

There’s no doubt, we live right in the middle of farm country. Despite the landscape that surrounds Fairmont, not everyone is aware of the details of farming, how much our region depends on ag, or how it is affected by ag. From the Ground Up work to bring ag education to those outside the business and share what they do with other sectors of the community. Bacon Capital celebrates and brings attention to what Martin County offers through something fun everyone loves…bacon!