Embrace the Cold

When you live in Minnesota, you can either be miserable all winter or find an icy activity to enjoy. If you know where to look, Fairmont still offers a variety of things to do after the thermometer plummets. Winter means hockey. Experience the pond hockey tournament on the lake, check out a game at the Martin County Ice Arena, or enjoy some skating yourself during open skate or the super popular Rock on Ice.

If skating isn’t your thing, ice fishing is an area staple. Small communities pop up once the lakes freeze over. Participate in the yearly Ice Fishing tournament hosted by Fairmont Lakes Foundation.

New Trails to Explore 

Snow and cold doesn’t mean you can’t explore trails. Take a winter stroll on a paved trail. Snowshoe at Cedar Creek Park and explore in new ways. Once the snow hits, the Blizzard Snowmobile Club helps groom 140 miles of trails in Martin County. They connect up with Iowa trails to the South and bordering counties to the East and North, which lead to many other trail systems. Embrace the winter and explore Fairmont in new ways.


Snowmobile Trails