Parks & Trails

Off the Beaten Path

Looking for something different to do? There are all sorts of areas in Fairmont to explore, appreciate nature, or just get out and get active. Trails along the lake, through the trees, or just safe sidewalks to walk on in residential areas are all available. Learn about some of Fairmont’s history on the Hobo Trail. Stop and enjoy the flowers at Lincoln Park. Enjoy some music at the historic Sylvania Park bandshell. Attend a community event at Citizen’s Park. Have a family picnic by the lake at Amber Park. Play with your dog at the Dog Park. Explore the paved or mowed nature trails at Cedar Creek Park. Celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks at Ward Park. Swim, kayak, or play on the new Adventure Playground at Gomsrud Park. There’s something for everyone.

More than a Park 

 Of all the parks Fairmont has to offer, one stands apart from the rest. The Martin County Veterans Memorial features an 80′ black granite wall inscribed with names of Martin County veterans. A bronze statue of a war widow receiving her flag stands in front. New bronze statues of the different branches and conflicts are being added and will line a path through the trees to the newly restored Bell Cobra Helicopter. This is a unique and important piece of history that has been meticulously restored for public viewing. This memorial is continuing to grow and develop and is an important connection to Fairmont’s past and its citizens who served. 


Fairmont Trails