Theater & Dance

A Shared Experience

There’s something unique about live theatre. Sharing the same space with the performers, and other audience members, is special. There’s no screen, you can’t rewind. You’re just in the moment. Fairmont has become an oasis for theater right in the middle of a 2 hour radius. Red Rock Center for the Arts, in addition to their art and music offerings, also brings theater experiences such as Murder Mystery Dinners. The Fairmont Opera House  offers year-round community theater for those of all experience levels – musicals, comedies, dramas, even Shakespeare in the park. Fairmont has also become a stopping point for touring shows on their way across the Midwest, bringing with it opportunities to see professional musicians and a variety of other performances.

Classes and Camps

The stage isn’t just for adults. Performing, dancing, creating, being up on stage; they all provide valuable life skills for youth or any age. Fairmont has not one, but two dance studios that help kids and teens develop self-confidence, flexibility, strength, coordination, and more. All while having fun. The Fairmont Opera House also offers Community Theater opportunities as well as theater camps for kids, providing opportunities to socialize, learn, develop new skills, and appreciate the arts. The Red Rock Center offers classes for all ages throughout the year and summer camp for kids to explore visual and performing arts.  



Arts & Entertainment