City of Lakes


Life on the Lake

Whether you interact with the lakes by fishing, boating, or swimming, prefer enjoying them via trails at one of the many parks that line the shores, view fireworks on Lake Sisseton, or just drive by, the five lakes are part of life in Fairmont. Don’t own a boat? No problem! Fairmont Lakes Foundation offers kayak rentals at Gomsrud Park. Hall Lake Cabins offers both Pontoon and Jet Ski rentals. Have a boat? Become a Chain of Lakes Yacht Club member.

Enjoying and Caring for Our Waters

The 1,178 acres comprising the Fairmont Chain of Lakes, is a part of the 1,550 square mile, 992,034-acres Blue Earth River Watershed. Just south of town, the water flows north through a reservoir from North Silver Lake. These waters are a part of the Minnesota River Watershed, taking our water north all the way up to St. Paul where it enters the Mississippi River and ultimately flows to the Gulf of Mexico. So not only do we want to enjoy our lakes and waters here, but we are responsible for the water that is leaving our state! 


Fairmont Lakes