Primary Care

As the largest employer in Fairmont, the Mayo Clinic Health System serves the community through routine and specialized medical care services. It also provides on and off-site wellness support and community outreach.

United Hospital District (UHD) clinics specialize in family practice, orthopedics, physical therapy, general surgery and obstetrics. UHD also provides home health and hospice care.

Dulcimer Medical Center is a primary care provider with family practice physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, and support staff. It also offers services such as lab tests, X-rays, EKGs, ultrasounds, and allergy tests. Minor medical procedures are also done on-site.

The Center for Specialty Care provides high quality orthopedic specialty services in a friendly environment. The organization employs a skilled team of physicians, physician assistants, a family nurse practitioner and physical therapists.

Specialty Services

Looking for a chiropractor, skin care provider, dentist, mental health provider, or health spa. Fairmont offers a variety of specialized services for your mind, body and spirit.

There are also a number of assisted living facilities, offering both at home and on-site healthcare. These include Goldfinch Estates, Ingleside, and Lakeview Methodists Healthcare Center in Fairmont, Temperance Lake Ridge in Sherburn, Trimont Healthcare in Trimont, and Truman Senior Living in Truman.