Historical Sites

Remembering the Past…

Looking to the Future.

Times change, businesses come and go. Life is different than it was 100 years ago. While the area continues to evolve, it’s fun to look back on where we came from. Walking by or visiting history sights tucked around Fairmont is a fun way to see what Fairmont was like in its beginnings. While at Lincoln Park, peek in the Livingston Cabin. Built between 1864-1866, it’s the oldest remaining pioneer cabin in Martin County. Walk the Pioneer Trail and see the site of the old Hobo Camp. Take a tour or attend a tea party or other event at the Chubb House (1867), the oldest surviving home in Fairmont. Stroll past the Martin County Courthouse, or stop inside to see the historic dome mural. Walk through historic Downton Plaza. New businesses are lining the streets, but the historic vibe is still there. Especially at the entrance of downtown, with the Red Rock Center, Martin County Historical Society, Fairmont Opera House, and Old Post Office.

Dive into History

Want a more hands on, immersive history experience? Visit an event at Heritage Acres and experience farming from 100 years ago. Attend their threshing day or harvest festival and see the site in action. See the school, church, blacksmith shop, barn, elevator and other buildings. See Fairmont’s train connection with the depot and display of Fairmont Railway Motors railcars and caboose. 

If you really want to dive into Fairmont or area history, there’s no better spot than the Martin County History Museum. Whether you want to do family research or explore the Fairmont of days gone by, the museum is a wealth of resources.

 For something different, you can learn about Fairmont and the people that built it through stories from Lakeside Cemetery. Stroll their beautiful grounds and learn stories of the past by following their facebook page.


Fairmont History