Fairmont Area Life is an invitation for you to locate to Martin County, Minnesota. If quality of life is what you are looking for, come home to Fairmont Area Life.

We have great educational facilities that include public and private k-12 schools. Fairmont Opera House, Red Rock Center for the Arts and Martin County Museum enrich the local culture. The area is home to golf courses, Fairmont Yacht Club, Center Creek Orchard, Fairmont Aquatic Park and Flying Goose Campground. Medical facilities are available to serve residents of all ages. Local realtors will showcase available housing in and around cities and towns. New housing is planned for the near future.

In addition, a unique opportunity awaits you! If you would like to relocate to Martin County. A team of professionals will help eliminate challenges, connect you with schools, employers, realtors or just answer your questions. Call Fairmont Area Chamber at (507) 235-5547 or connect with us via email.

New to Fairmont?

Learn more about the area, meet new people and create connections by attending a Fairmont Area Newcomers and Neighbors event.